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A sneak peek into just some of the aquatic species you can discover on your journeys in Moonglow Bay.

Sugar Cube Guppy

Close up side view of a sugar cube shaped fish with large eyes.

Singing Clam

Close up side view of an opened, decorated clam shell with an eye shaped like a ring within it.

Boiling bubbler

Side on view of a fish with orange bubbles on its head and along its purple body. We can see half an eye and a series of folds on its underbody.

Blue Shark

Side view of a beautiful blue shark.


Side view of a sword fish with shredded fins, ghostly red eyes and a crooked nose.

Rogue Pelican Eel

Side on view of an eel that looks like a Pelican with a large bill, round eyes and white body.

Rogue Pelican Eel

Side view of a square, yellow, cushion shaped fish covered in fins with two eyes.

rainbow hoof crab

Alt Text - Side view of a beautiful, multicoloured crab, posing gracefully


Side view of a banana shaped mackerel with brown spots across its body and a large peeking eye.

ALLEY Mango Crab

Close up side view of a multi-coloured, small crab with an opened shell and small legs.

Piglet Bass

Side on view of a fish that looks like a piglet with a pointy snout and small black eyes. Has uniquely designed ears and tail which really help it glide rapidly when underwater.

Cosmic Ray

Side view of a sea ray with dots styled like star constellations on its back on a multi-coloured blue and purple body

Jazzy Rabbit Fish

Side view of a Rabbit shaped like a fish with long ears and a large fin underneath. Also has side fins and one smaller fin instead of a tail

Duck-Billed Trout

Side on view of a trout with a duck's beak

Smokey Squid

Smokey Squid

Mahi Mahi

Side view of a blue and yellow coated fish which appears to be quite aggravated that we're taking its picture at all.

Rhino Sand Flea

Side view of a very small Rhino Sand Flea, coated in grey and complete with a little horn on its head. It appears to be turning away from the camera as if a little bit shy.


Side view of a wise old looking catfish complete with blue body and red fins

horsemane hellyfish

Close up, side on view of a Jellyfish swimming diagonally upwards with fire breathing alongside its tentacles

Baloon Shark

Side on view of a red balloon shaped shark with a white underbelly, large tail fin and one wide eye

Warlock roll fish

Side view image of a purple bodied, wizard-esque fish which seemingly has a white beard and long eyebrows.

Bishop Squid

Side view of a purple squid like creature wearing a mitre


Side view of a huge brown Basking Shark with its mouth wide open.


Side view of a fish shaped and designed like a plated salad with lettuce and tomatoes

Pepper Fish

ide view of a red Chilli Pepper that looks oddly similar to a squid with its roots and a mini pepper protruding from it. It has one giant eye staring back at us

Spectacle Guppy

Side view of large, wide eyed fish that seems to be wearing a monocole, blue and white striped across its body


Side view of a fish with a crown on its head, horns protruding from its mouth.


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