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Meet the fantastic team behind Moonglow Bay here and learn a little more about who they are below! If you’d like to chat more then make sure to join our Discord server for Moonglow Bay news and updates! 

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Zach from Bunnyhug. A friendly person shown wearing yellow glasses and drinking coffee!

Hi! I’m Zach, creative director for Moonglow Bay. We’ve been working on this game for a long time and I can’t wait for you all to play in the world we’ve built. There’s so much in it I always forget, so I’m really excited to share the discovery with you.

Lu from Bunnyhug. Lu has short curly hair and glasses, and makes excellent art!

Hey! I’m Lu, the Art Director at Bunnyhug. As the little introverted person from the countryside of Brazil that I am, I love everything related to arts and crafts, plants, foods and animals. I’ve lovingly concepted the whole world of Moonglow Bay and I cannot wait for y’all to experience what the team put together!

Albertine from Bunnyhug. Shown here with blonde hair, a thick warm coat and glasses

Hullo! I’m Albertine, a game designer working with my friends at Bunnyhug. I live on Treaty 1 territory in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with my partner, weenie dog, and three very cranky old cats. Working on Moonglow Bay has been a dream come true. I can’t wait for you to explore all the secrets and lovingly-created details that await you in this world we’ve created together!

Arion from Bunnyhug. Shown here with rose tinted glasses and sections of bright red hair.

Hey there, I’m Arion, Technical Artist at Bunnyhug. I like cats, fashion, RPGs and glowing pretty things. I have spent so much time in Moonglow Bay waters that you might fish me, that’s my home now. I hope you all like it!

Shelley from Bunnyhug. Shelley has dark hair and shown smiling!

Hello! I’m Shelley, Lead Programmer here at Bunnyhug. My day is split pretty evenly between coding, sharing custom keyboards to tempt the team, and patting my good long dog. If you like fishing minigames then Moonglow Bay is for you!

Lena from Bunnyhug. Lena has blonde hair and a very nice black and grey jumper!

Hi I’m Lena, resident composer of tunes here at Bunnyhug for Moonglow Bay! I’m super excited to bring this delightful world to life & give you plenty of melodies to hum as you fish up a storm and get to know everyone!

Jeiel from Bunnyhug. Wavy dark hair and shown here with his dog, who looks like a golden retriever!

Kumusta! I’m Jeiel, gameplay programmer at Bunnyhug by day and furtive retro artist by night. The jaggies are intentional. I like bad puns, coffee, and hope to run up a mountain someday. May Moonglow Bay bring you as much joy as the Bunnyhug team has had making it!

Martin from Bunnyhug. Has an excellent beard and very nice orange scarf!

Martin is an award-winning sound designer hailing from the icy mountains of Norway, where he sits making sounds and dreaming of warmer climates. He’s worked on games such as Manifold Garden, GoNNER and Hidden Folks, likes quirky and cute sounds and loves making fishing sounds more than he likes to fish.


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