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patch notes – STEAM V1.0.2

3rd november 2021

Major Fixes

  • The game will now auto-save when the player sleeps
  • Improved keyboard controls
  • ‘Help! I’m Stuck’ has been added to the pause menu, which sends the player to a safe area if stuck in the environment.
  • V-Sync added to the options menu
  • Quick time events during the Ruin of Ships’ encounter no longer fail instantly
  • All active controllers are now assigned to Player 1 until co-op is activated
  • Co-op can now be played with one keyboard and one controller
  • Co-op now only starts by selecting it through the pause menu and pressing the requested key/button. The controller that presses it becomes Player 2

Minor Fixes

  • Save/Load button prompts no longer spillover the borders of the screen
  • Player’s extra vending machine, which becomes available later in the game, is now fully visible
  • Boat repair items sold in the Boat Shop are now locked until the boat is unlocked
  • Door will now open before River walks through it during her first cutscene
  • Ramp added to the small beach behind the player’s home
  • Cozy Cavern recovered its ramps
  • Chipmunk now plays its animations
  • Other minor issues addressed


Chapter 2:

  • The Storm Fish only visible when its quest is active

Chapter 5:

  • Final transmitter can only be placed once its quest is active

 patch notes – XBOX ONE, XBOX SERIES S | X & microsoft store (Gamepass included)

29th october 2021

Major Fixes

  • Map will now open as intended when saving and loading game before your boat, the Two Cats, is fixed in Chapter 1
  • Fixed an issue where the dialogue audio settings would reset after restarting the game.
  • You can now select bait during River’s fishing tutorial
  • Changing your name in Options no longer blocks the game

Minor Fixes

  • Time, now, also passes for lobster traps when player sleeps
  • Lobster traps will now always stay full when loading your game save
  • Improved readability of cooking prompts during cooking tutorial
  • If you’re playing in English, the word ‘Order’ will be displayed while shopping (instead of the French ‘Commander’)
  • Claire won’t be obstructing the player’s net while net fishing at Central Beach
  • Shizuka is not longer photo-bombing Casper’s side quest cutscene in Central Beach
  • Shizuka’s ukulele is no longer neon pink
  • Removed the black shadows which were present on Central Beach and North Beach
  • The rocks which are blocking the entrance to the Pink Limestone Cove will no longer sink during a cutscene
  • Water no longer missing during Ice Fishing
  • Claude is now present during his lighthouse cutscene in Chapter 4
  • Fixed a typo in the credits


Chapter 1:

  • You can now help remove the Ruin of Ships’ harpoons in any order without being blocked

Chapter 5:

  • You can now place the final transmitter before completing the previous task in Chapter 5
  • Player won’t fall through the world after placing the final transmitter in Chapter 5


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